6 Movie Reviews (and Why You Should Watch, Her)

I don’t usually write movie reviews on my blog, but I think the movie Her deserves an entire blog post. I will however, give some love to the other 5 movies I’ve watched in the past week or so (all free screenings). I watched Saving Mr. Banks, the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Walking With Dinosaurs, Grudge Match, Inside Llewyn Davis, and Her. I’ll rank them from least favorite to most favorite (I’ll try to not spoil anything, but I’ll write SPOILER ALERT if there are any pertinent plot lines that I need to discuss). Here goes my list starting with #6:

6. Walking With Dinosaurs


There wasn’t anything special or new from this movie. The movie was educational and geared towards kids, but I still think a kids movie should really still be good. There were some hidden adult jokes, which were funny, but they didn’t save the movie from the lack of a great plot line. Why did this movie need to be in 3D? I think the movie tried too hard to be funny at some points. It was fun to watch, but only that. Thank goodness I didn’t pay to watch this in theaters (I probably wouldn’t have, anyway). So, definitely skip this!

5. Grudge Match


It was kind of fun to see Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone on-screen together being ridiculous, because that’s what this movie was. Ridiculous. I don’t know who decided this was a good idea, but the movie got made. I think it brought in some good laughs, but it tried too hard to be funny. At some points, the jokes were a little insulting/offensive. I say this because Kevin Hart is in this movie. They used some racial jokes that were really forced and seemed awkward to me. I don’t think there should be racial jokes, but I don’t control movies, so if they include them, I’d expect they’d try to be funny. It failed. The movie was a lot of corny/cheesy towards the end, but I guess that’s the point of the movie. Oh well. Worth a rent, but not worth paying money at the theater. Not enough bang for your buck. Next!

4. Inside Lleywn Davis


I really wanted to like this movie more. For a Coen Brothers movie, I wanted more. I can get why this movie is rated well by critics. It shows a very sad, melancholy filled world that one single musician goes through in the folk music scene of Greenwich Village in NYC. The movie is shot very well, the music and singing is well done, and the cast was well-chosen and delivered for what the script asked for. What I didn’t like was that the story felt fragmented. Such is life, but I think there could have been more of a flow. I guess that’s what they went for? The movie dragged on a little too long for my taste. Many people will disagree with me on my review, but I guess that’s just me. It was not my favorite Coen Bros. movie, but I think it was a welcome change from the typical predictable movie. I guess, it does really go against the grain when it comes to storyline/plot, so I guess it succeeds. I forgot to mention that some parts are funny and not so depressing!

I think it’s worth a watch in the movie, but I wouldn’t cry over not being able to see it in theaters.

3. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


I really connected to the plot and characters in this movie. Walter Mitty is trying to find love and trying to connect to someone. He doesn’t have that. Lesson from this movie, go out there. Adventure is out there. Use life to experience things. See what I did there?

Walter Mitty works at Life magazine, which is reorganizing because it’s going online/digital. He needs to find a missing slide and ends up going on an adventure that leads him to beautiful Iceland.

SPOILER ALERT (skip to the last paragraph)

He ends up finding out he has the slide all along. The slide is of him. In the process,  he gets featured on the very last cover of Life magazine. He has gained adventure in his life and lives true too what Life magazine is all about, the people. All in all, the movie was shot really well. The movie hits a couple rough spots because it is very choppy in some points, but overall, I think Ben Stiller does a great job and being pretty serious in this movie.

The scenes in Iceland make this movie what it is visually. Beautiful! I think I kind of just let go while watching this and let myself go with it without thinking about reality (the real point of most movies). I escaped my life for a few seconds, but upon returned, starting thinking about how I kind of want that sense of adventure to see what’s out there, too! All in all, it’s a movie worth watching in theaters!

2. Saving Mr. Banks


I wrote a review and will stick to what I said before. This movie is equal parts heart warming as it is heart wrenching. The movie was cast really well. It was very believable. It’s that Disney magic. But, I do have to say that there was a little bit too much Disney magic at some points. But, I’ll excuse all of that for what the movie ended up with.

I enjoyed seeing a little behind the scenes look at how Mary Poppins came to be a Disney movie. The movie really packed in an emotional roller coaster! There were some funny moments and some really sad moments! There are also some unbelievable moments that make me wonder how much of this is true and how much is once again this Disney magic making me emotional. So, there.

But, I think it’s all worth a watch and it was #2 of the 6 movies I watched, so you should go watch this.

Side note: My friend Alec is still living in CA and got to attend the screening at Disneyland, so I was super jealous and he kept tweeting and texting me. And I got super jealous (okay, I still watched it before him, so I hate him less, and hope he doesn’t read this). He got to take pictures with scenery and sets and ate yummy themed deserts and what not.  So, I still hate him for that. But, he’s moving to Boston so WE BOTH DON’T GET DISNEYLAND! Muahaha. Side not to people, I don’t actually hate him. That much.

1. Her


I think this was my favorite movie of this year! This movie is both funny, sad, and scary. There are some real laugh inducing moments in this movie. At its greatest points, the movie filled me with a sense of sadness. This is where things started to scare me.

I think I (and many people) have real relationships with phones/electronics. When I’m sitting alone or at home in bed, I “play” with my phone. My phone knows more about me than most people know about me. I don’t always talk to Siri, but I definitely use my Apple iPhone 5 as an extension of me (in which I connect to people using social media and the internet).

This movie is a love story. That’s obvious. It’s emotions, relations, and the need to connect. Joaquin Phoenix does a great job at showing the highs and lows of emotional connection (to humans and inanimate beings). Although this movie shows connection to electronics as an extreme, I don’t think it’s far from reality. You can sit on public transit and see everyone looking downward and fumbling with their phones. The entire cast, and the voice of Scarlett Johansson, brings this movie to life.

The script was great, the cast was great, and the entire “look” of the movie was just great. I really couldn’t tell where the movie would end up, but I think I was satisfied! I think the movie left me thinking about my own life, the people I connect with, and the means that we all keep connections afloat/alive. Overall, this is a definite must watch and I look forward to re-watching this!

I won’t reveal anything else in this movie because I truly believe you should go to the theater and watch this! I haven’t been affected or moved by a movie in a while. This was the movie that I think relates to a lot of people. For me, it just hit me how much I’m on my phone, how social network connected I am, and why sometimes, I feel a need and constant want to connect with people to the point that I feel sad for not being able to be around people. Then I realize, I just need to disconnect and do things on my own for a change and live in the now and reality of what is.

Even with this review, I’m not sure if I have quite formulated all my thoughts on this movie. But, I think you should definitely go out and watch it. It’s in limited release now and everywhere January 10th. So, do find a way to watch this! If you own a smart phone or an Apple product or any personal assistant, watch this movie. If you have emotions and love anything or anyone. Watch this movie.


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