Joy Jar 2013

I found this picture of a great idea. It reminds me of City Year. Joy jars are jars used specifically to place small notes or letters of good things that happened and things you are thankful for. For 2013, I have many goals. I want to make sure I get A’s this next semester in graduate school, do something very productive in the summer, and make sure my third semester is also filled with A’s. I have signed up for a half-marathon in May. I want to do lots of new things and be more adventurous. I also want to make sure that I remember all the big and small joys that happen on a daily basis. So, here comes the idea:


I hope to keep this jar going for the entire calendar year and open it on New Years Eve. I want to then make a long blog post of all the joys from 2013 and see just how many good little things happen over the course of the year. It will definitely be interesting to see what kind of things happens at certain moments and not remember about what order they happened in, but that they happened at all.

I think this is a better idea than keeping resolutions, since that never seems to work out as planned!


2 thoughts on “Joy Jar 2013

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